District System

The District’s water distribution system was originally constructed in beginning in 1915 after the formation of the District. LSID the first 50-years The original pumping plants and delivery system from the Kaweah River System was replaced during construction of the Friant-Kern Canal and additional distribution facilities built in the early 1950’s. The current system is a fully pressurized pipeline system consisting of approximately 120 miles of a combination of steel and PVC pressure pipe with diameters ranging from 48” to 4” in size. The age of the pipelines are one of the biggest challenges to the District and the District is working to schedule replacement of any lines older than 50-years on a priority system basis minimize leaks in the system and disruptions in service. A pipeline system allows the District to make water deliveries with little water loss, creating an extremely efficient water delivery project that is the foundation for the District’s overall water conservation and management program. The premise of this highly efficient District distribution system has been extended to many of the District’s growers through on-farm use of drip, micro-jet, and micro-sprinkler irrigation system technology.

The District has over 1,000 Agricultural water user delivery points (turnouts) and over 1,200 Non-potable “Domestic” water user delivery turnouts. All turnouts are metered and have been since the system was originally constructed.