lindsay-strathmore irrigation district

As one of the largest agricultural centers in the world, the Central San Joaquin Valley is dependent upon irrigation water and the districts that provide it to continue to produce food and fiber for the nation and world. Located entirely within Tulare County, LSID is situated in a prime location for citrus production and is dedicated to providing quality water and services to the growers and residents in the District. Dependable deliveries and efficient water conservation practices are not only policy, but promises that the District has kept for over 100 years.

our mission to serve you

The Mission of the Lindsay-Strathmore Irrigation District is to protect, enhance, and manage the District’s water and energy resources and related assets to benefit its growers, its residents, the community, and the region it serves through outstanding customer service, commitment to quality, and leadership in the water resources industry.

over 100 years of service

The District was established under the 1887 Wright Irrigation Act on October 25, 1915. Formation was needed to raise capital to bring a secure source of water to the District. The original dry land acreage was converted to citrus through the years as surface water supplies became more available to growers, such as through the Central Valley Project.

The District maintains over 100 miles of underground, pressurized steel, and plastic pipelines serving 400 family farms and nearly 1000 homes. The District currently employs 18 full-time employees with the responsibility of serving irrigation and household water 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Lindsay-Strathmore Irrigation District prides itself on providing a stable, reliable water service to the nearly 12,500 acres of citrus and other permanent crops within District boundaries.

Part of the Lindsay community

  • Office Address:
    23260 Round Valley Drive
    Lindsay, California 93247
  • Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 846
    Lindsay, California 93247
  • Phone Number: 559.562.2581
  • Fax Number: 559.562.3882

The Most Precious Resource

Here at Lindsay-Strathmore Irrigation District we have over 100 miles of underground pipeline. This encompasses approximately 15,400 acres, of which about 12,700 acres are irrigated, and serves both agricultural and municipal/industrial water users including the Disadvantaged Communities of Tonyville and a part of Strathmore.

We strive to not let one drop of our earth’s precious resource go to waste. Which is why we take leaks very seriously. If you find you are experiencing a leak, please contact us right away so that we can remedy the issue.