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Irrigation Water Orders

If you wish to order water via our website, please click on the link below to send us an email. Just a reminder, you are still required to order your water 24 hrs in advance. Please include the landowner name, phone number, meter number, date on and date off if you know it. Remember, if you have a past due bill your water will not be turned on. Be patient with us as we try this service.

We are unable to take water orders for early turnons via email. If you have a meter or meters that you need for early the next morning, please call the district office at 559-562-2581.

Water Policies & Applications

Orders for irrigation water turn-on must be placed at the District office at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of delivery. Orders for delivery of irrigation water will be taken at the District office until 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. Meters will be unlocked the day following ordering on at the earliest time manageable by the water tender. Orders for turn-ons on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday must be made to the District office by 4:00 P.M. Friday. Orders for “early” turn-ons must be made to the District office by 12:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.
Unauthorized turn-on and usage shall constitute an infraction of this rule and such usage shall be charged on the same basis as other continuous flow users at the rate then in effect for continuous flow users.

See Rules and Regulations last revised October 11, 1988.

Request Cross connection Control Device from the District by emailing Claribel or Mercedes.

Cross Connection Control Device Annual Reports: email Claribel or Mercedes to submit yearly test reports.

Water Rates

The District Board of Directors establishes annual water rates at the beginning of each new water year based on available water supplies, water costs and other factors. Please contact the District office for current water rates.

Lift Zone Areas

Lift charges are included currently in the water rates on a per acre-foot basis for water delivered to the three different pressure zones. These charges are established at the beginning of the new water year by the board of directors.

Please contact the District office if you have any additional questions regarding lift zones locations & charges

Supple Prorates

The Friant Division and the Kaweah River water supply vary from year-to-year. With little or no annual carryover storage available in the federal friant system, and minimal carryover storage available in the kaweah system, the water supply to the District is dependent on hydrologic conditions that make up each year.

With the Class 1 water supply under contract (27,500 acre-feet) and the variable but reliable Kaweah River supply, the District has established agreements in place to supply adequate surface water to the District in almost all year types resulting in a Class 1 allocation of 25% or more. 2014 and 2015 are the only years in recent history that District surface water supplies were not adequate.

In years where there is an inadequate surface water supply to meet the total demand in the District, a water supply “prorate” is declared. In such years, the available supply is equally split among all eligible acres that are assessed in the District.

To see if the District has any current prorates in effect, please visit the News & Notices page.

Land Based Assessments

The District has established land-based assessments that fund ongoing expenses including capital expense and improvement projects. Assessments are billed annually and are collected in two separate installments. The first installment is due no later than December 20th, with the second installment no later than April 20th

2020 Crop Survey

Crop Survey 2020 Water Year