O & M

Water operations, grower water orders, and daily changes are coordinated through LSID’s office by a dedicated staff of office and field employees. Staff are available to react to any in-field need or emergency 24 hours a day.

Most routine maintenance is completed by District employees including pipeline repairs, pump and motor maintenance, and meter maintenance. the District does utilize outside contractors for preventative and predictive maintenance on motor control centers and pumps, meter repairs, and SCADA system management.

The District is developing a 20-year plan to make significant investments in distribution system capital improvements. These improvements will include reconstruction of aging pipeline systems that currently require significant investment in staff and resources to maintain. The District has approved to accept a loan from the USDA for the first ten miles of pipeline replacement that will begin in 2020. The District continues to upgrade its SCADA system to monitor and control pumping plants and reservoirs in the District.

Visit the Bulletin Board for district notices of scheduled maintenance projects.