Lindsay-Strathmore Irrigation District
employment opportunities





       I.            INTRODUCTION


            This is an exempt managerial position on the Lindsay-Strathmore Irrigation District (the “District”) staff.   The Construction Manager is an integral part of the management team          and assists in the planning, directing, and oversite of the District’s programs, services,           and operations in accordance with District goals, policies, and directives.  Specifically,      the Construction Manager will be responsible for the establishment of a construction      department and the maintenance of the District’s distribution plan and the modernization       of the District’s infrastructure including pipelines, tanks, and reservoirs. 


    II.            RELATIONSHIPS


            The Construction Manager is under the supervision of, and reports directly to, the          General Manager.  The Construction Manager is charged with establishing a construction           department and may directly supervise one (1) engineer.  Additionally, the Construction            Manager may direct the work of District employees in the performance of maintenance,     building, and related activities, and may work closely with outside consulting,     engineering, and construction firms.




            The duties and responsibilities listed below are illustrative only and are not meant to be a            complete and exhaustive listing of all of the duties and responsibilities of this position:


            Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Prepares and negotiates cost estimates, budgets, and work timetables.


  • Plans, schedules, and coordinates construction projects to meet deadlines.


  • Selects appropriate construction methods and strategies.


  • Interprets and explains contracts and technical information to workers and other professionals.


  • Reports as necessary on work progress and budget matters,


  • Collaborates with architects, engineers, and other construction and building specialists.




  • Instructs and supervises construction personnel and activities onsite. 


  • Responds to work delays and other problems and emergencies.


  • Complies with legal requirements, building and safety codes, and other regulations.


  • Inspects and reviews projects to monitor compliance with environmental regulations.


  • Develops and implements quality control programs.


  • Investigates damage, accidents, or delays at construction sites to ensure that proper construction procedures are being followed.


  • Implements new or modified plans in response to delays, bad weather, or construction site emergencies.


  • Requisitions supplies and materials to complete construction projects.


  • Evaluates construction methods and determines cost-effectiveness of plans, using computer models.




  • Analytical skills:  must be good at planning for large-scale, multiple-step projects.


  • Decision making:  must make multiple decisions such as costs, project design, and the picking of subcontractors and materials. 


  • Management skills:  must be able to lead employees and keep them motivated and focused on the job at hand.


  • Communication skills:  must possess good writing and speaking skills when communicating with employees, subcontractors, writing proposals, and procuring materials.


  • Technical skills:  must have knowledge of construction methodologies, ability to read blueprints, and the ability to understand other technical aspects of construction.  Proficient in construction-related computer technology. 


  • Time management:  must be able to meet deadlines and to recognize the crucial nature of time in construction project completions.






  • Regularly required to use hands and fingers and to reach with hands and arms.


  • Extensive walking on uneven surfaces.


  • Must be able to carry, push, pull, reach, and lift up to fifty (50) pounds.


  • Works for extended periods in an outside environment with exposure to dust, dirt, wet conditions and significant temperature changes.


  • Routinely uses computers, telephones, and other office equipment.


  • Hearing and vision, as corrected, must be within normal ranges.




  • Musts possess a good combination of work experience and education.


  • Must possess a background in the construction field and a degree in a construction related field such as construction science, architecture, or construction or civil engineering.


  • A minimum of five (5) years’ experience in a construction-related field or in water transportation.


  • Must possess and maintain a California driver’s license along with appropriate insurance.